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Vyooham Movie Review

Vyooham Movie Review (2024)

Vyooham Movie Review: When the debatable director Ram Gopal Varma participated in political discussions with AP centimeters Jagan Mohan Reddy and the judgment dispensation, announcing films like Vyooham and its sequel Sapatham, many anticipated his return to intriguing strategies. With his credibility having discolored with time, noted by a string of C-grade movies targeting Chandra Babu, Pawan Kalyan, and Chiranjeevi, there were worries regarding the quality of his upcoming jobs.

As predicted, the release of Vyooham faced numerous hurdles, with the opposition celebration TDP taking a lawsuit against the filmmakers. After enduring several hold-ups, Vyooham ultimately made its way to the cinema. Currently, all eyes are on the effect it will undoubtedly have on film lovers and whether it can restore Ram Gopal Varma’s profession.

The story Of Vyooham movie:

Vyooham’s story checks out the abrupt situations bordering the death of YSR and the succeeding stories created by various stakeholders. Veera Sekhar Reddy is the centimeters of AP after leading the Bharat Party to power with his padayatra. However, he dramatically loses his life in a helicopter collision.

The state MLAs of the Bharat Party sent out a letter to the National Head Of State, Sonia (Elena Tuteja), sustaining Veera Sekhar Reddy’s kid, Madan Reddy (Ajmal Ameer), as the CM. But the national leaders took substantial exemption as Sonia was warned versus making Madan CM as they felt he was much more belligerent and would certainly not heed their diktats. They made Kashaiah (Mallikarjuna Rao) the CM. After that, national politics in the state altered when Madan determined to undertake the Odarpu Yatra to console individuals who ended their lives after the death of his dad, Veera Sekhar Reddy. Where this results in what duty Madan’s mother, Vijayamma (Surabhi Prabhavathi), another half Malati (Manasa Radhakrishnan), Gampati Shyam Babu (Vasu Inturi), Subba Reddy (Kota Jayaram), Indra Babu Naidu (Dhananjay Prabhune), Chiranjeevi (Dharma Teja), Shrawan Kalyan (Chintu) and others play create the rest of the narration.


Ajmal Ameer, though he did not have the looks of Jagan, carried out well on the screen. He showed great expressions and emotions and supplied discussions with ease. Maanasa Radhakrishna plays second fiddle as Jagan’s spouse in the movie, and she is convincing. Remarkably, Ram Gopal Varma consisted of the character of Jagan’s sister, Sharmila, though she got only one dialogue.

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Dhananjay Prabhune looked like Chandra Babu reasonably well and mimicked Chandra Babu’s quirks, body language, and discussion distribution to make an effect. Dharma Teja and Chintu, who played the functions of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, also resembled them and did as they got out of them. Others performed according to their duties.


Vyooham’s story, prepared by Ram Gopal Varma, is the first of the two-component films highlighting Jagan’s trip to power and his mission to give good administration. He begins the narrative with Jagan offering directions for the apprehension of Chandra Babu Naidu via indirect dialogues, creating passion among the customers. From then on, the narration takes a predictable turn. The proceedings accompany stars passing through the movements.

Customarily, Ram Gopal Varma revealed Chandra Babu, Lokesh, Pawan, Chiranjeevi, and others in a vicious and low way, yet this time around, he took care that he did not use the genuine names. He was compelled to alter the names to assist in the movie’s launch as the court delayed the movie’s release on several occasions. Nonetheless, Ram Gopal Varma used rhyming names and minced no words while targeting them. Dialogues are foreseeable vocal singing applauds of Jagan. The tale is predictable; therefore, the movie script and direction are too. Nonetheless, one gets a feeling that RGV, this time, took a great deal of initiative to make sure that the film was consistent compared to his previous movies.

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The tunes tuned by Balaji are situational and highlight the feelings according to the scenes. 2 songs remain in the event of Jagan revealing his brand-new celebration and various others when he comes out of prison on bail. The following tune is when Jagan embarks on padayatra, and below, Balaji uses the song ‘Ravali Jagan, KAvali Jagan’ to adventure everyone. He raised the scenes with his background music. Editing And Enhancing of Manish Takkur is average. There are a couple of scenes that slowed the pace of the film. The cinematography of Sajeesh Rajendran reflected the state of mind of the story. He efficiently showed the scenes. Manufacturing values are decent.

PositivesPerformances, Few Dialogues

Negatives: Editing and enhancing, Foreseeable Narration

Vyooham Movie Rating Analysis

Vyooham’s story highlights the advancements that succeeded in the death of YSR, Jagan’s battle to find power, and how his opponents plotted against him. Ram Gopal Varma followed the same template of Yatra 2 routed by Mahi V Raghava. Ram Gopal Varma, this time, however, unlike his earlier movies, avoided coming up with disparaging and low-cost dialogues on opponents, and this augurs well with the film. For all that is said and done, the movie suffers from an unknown story, and individuals can appreciate the film if they are diehard fans of YSR, Jagan Mohan Reddy. Considering all these components, Filmyspot opts for a 2.25 rating for Vyooham Review.

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