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Nindha Movie Review: Thrills in Slow Motion

Finally, Nindha, Varun Sandesh’s most recent thriller, is available in theaters. The teaser has garnered interest; let’s see how the movie plays out.

The murder of Manju, a resident of Kanndrakota hamlet, is at the center of the story. In this instance, a local man named Balaraju (Chatrapthi Shekhar) was detained and given a life sentence by Judge Satyanandam (Tanikella Bharani).

The story takes a turn when it is revealed that Balaraju is an innocent person who did not commit any crimes. The main plot of the movie is how Vivek, Satyanandam’s son, solves the case.

A gripping storyline is essential for any suspense film, but Nindha doesn’t have one. Both of the film’s halves have interesting twists and turns, but the slow-burning screenplay is a major disappointment.

Technically speaking, Nindha is strong; Ramiz’s graphics are strong, and Omkar’s music made for a nice background score.

As Vivek, Varun Sandesh did a respectable job, demonstrating his versatility in the character. The remaining actors, including Chatrapathi Shivaji and Tanikella Bharani, are excellent.

While presenting the film in an entertaining way, Rajejsh Jagannath only accomplished in portion of the intriguing plot. Ultimately, Nindha is a watchable thriller with a slow-moving narrative.

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