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Sasi Madhanam Telugu Web Series Review

Since their YouTube videos have been entertaining audiences for years, there is no need to introduce Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh.

Now, the pair has entered the OTT market with “Sasi Madanam,” a series that is presently available for viewing on ETV Win. Take a peek at the series here.

The most notable aspect of “Sasi Madanam” is the obvious chemistry between Soniya Singh and Pavan Sidhu, which is accentuated by poignant comedy moments.

The protagonists of the tale are a long-term couple named Madhan (played by Pavan Sidhu) and Sasi (played by Soniya Singh). The story takes a more complex turn when Madhan pays Sasi a visit on the day her parents are supposed to be away at a wedding, only for the parents to show up out of the blue.

Some of the six episodes are genuinely funny, but others have forced feelings and pointless sequences.

Soniya Singh and Pavan Sidhu both give excellent performances. The series is excellent technically, with Rehan Shaik’s contributions being strong and Sinjith Yerramilli’s soundtrack being a standout feature.

“Sasi Madanam” is worth seeing because it has some entertaining moments overall.

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