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Maharaja Review: Is This Tale Truly Engaging?

Maharaja, Makkal Selvan’s 50th film, is now officially available in Telugu and Tamil theaters. What’s intriguing is that Vijay Sethupathi has done a better job of actively promoting the movie than he has in Tamil.

The barber Maharaja, who resides in a happy family with his wife and daughter, is the main character of the film. He once complained about Laxmi going missing. Laxmi, who is she? is centered around the movie.

The film gets off to a positive start, which continues until the very end. The film’s non-linear storytelling, more than its straightforward plot, is what sets it apart.

The director expertly combined dramatic and exciting components. A non-linear screenplay, however, could make the audience a little confused.

The film did a good job of capturing the feelings. Vijay Sethupathi demonstrates his acting prowess. Despite spending less time on screen, Anurag Kashyap is still good.

All things considered, Maharaja is a respectable emotional thriller that viewers of all stripes ought to see.

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