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Save the Tigers 2 Series OTT Release Date

Save the Tigers 2 Series OTT Release Date

Save the Tigers 2 Series OTT Release Date: ‘Save The Tigers’ is a highly successful web series in Telugu that was produced for Hotstar. The show is produced and created by Mahi V Raghav, in collaboration with Pradeep Advaitham as the writer. The inaugural season, launched last year, achieved tremendous success due to its wholesome entertainment and high level of enjoyment. The show revolves around the exasperated husbands portrayed by Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Chaitanya Krishna.

Disney Plus Hotstar has announced the second season of “Save The Tigers,” a television series once again helmed by Mahi V Raghav and Pradeep Advaitham, with direction by Arun Kothapalli. The second season will be available for streaming starting on March 15th. The creators released the trailer for the most recent season, which promises a more enjoyable experience than the previous season. The inaugural season concludes with a suspenseful ending when the main trio abducts a renowned female protagonist portrayed by Separate Kapoor.

Story: Our three main characters, Ganta Ravi (Priyadarshi), Rahul (Abhinav Gomatam), and Vikram (Chaitanya Krishna), are shown in police prison at the opening of the teaser. The scene then shifts to a flashback in which the trio is shown straining to fulfill their marital duties and have a happy married life. Subsequently, the trio of men start seeking relationships outside of marriage, which causes more difficulties in their lives. A parody-style scene from the Stone Age, in which a few men choose to rebel against female authority, closes the teaser. 

Cast and Crew: The movie has important parts for well-known people like Sujatha P, Deviyani Sharma, Pavani Gangireddy, Milkuri Gangavva, Darshana Banik, Abhinav Gomatam, Priyadarshi, Krishna Chaitanya, Rohini, and many more. Mahi V Raghav created the series, which also has a major part for Seerat Kapoor.

Save the Tigers 2 Series Digital and Satellite Rights

It was during the second season of Save the Tigers when Seerat Kapoor made her debut. She appears to be a participant in this web show as well, it would appear. The comedy that will be featured in the second season of Save the Tigers is going to make members of the family audience laugh out loud once more. Arun Kothapalli is the director of the second season of Save the Tigers, and Mahi V Raghav and Pradeep Advaitam are the creators of the production.

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Movie NameSave the Tigers 2
OTT PlatformHotstar
OTT Release Date15 March 2024
Theatrical Release DateNA
DirectorMahi V Raghav, Pradeep Advaitam
StarringAbhinav Gomatam, Priyadarshi, Krishna Chaitanya, Sujatha P, Deviyani Sharma, Pavani Gangireddy, and others
Film IndustryTollywood

Save the Tigers 2 Series OTT Release Date

Added by Disney Save the Tigers, the most recent Telugu web series to be released by Hotstar, is one of the most popular shows of the year. As a result of its clean content and amusing comedy, the event left a lasting impression on everyone. Hotstar broadcast the first episode of this series on Star Maa, which helped to make the series a topic of conversation all around the world. This was done in order to push the promotional methods to the next level.

At this point, the time has arrived for the second season, and we at OTTplay have already revealed that the filming will start during the second week of October. According to the initial reports, the shooting has begun and is currently in full swing. Seerat Kapoor is one of the newcomers to the cast this season, and the producers, Mahi V Raghav, have stated that the upcoming season is going to be even more amusing than the previous one.

Save the Tigers 2 Series OTT Platform (Digital Rights).

The OTT Company provides a diverse selection of films and television series. On over-the-top (OTT) platforms, Save the Tigers is a standout comedy online series. Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Krishna Chaitanya were the three actors that played the lead characters in the popular online series. On Disney Plus Hotstar, the web show had a significant amount of viewership. Currently, a sequel to this game called Save the Tigers 2 is in the works. Just lately, the trailer for Save the Tigers 2 was made available by the creators.

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In the beginning of the trailer for Save the Tigers 2, there is a police interview that brings back memories of the conclusion of the first season. Within the confines of the prison, Abhinav, Chaitanya, and Priyadarshi are all suffocated by the cops. It was Priyadarshi who recalled the events that took place in the first season. Additionally, the notion of “Seven Year Itch” is mentioned in the trailer, which contributes to the overall entertainment value of the online show. All of the characters from the first season were kept, with only a few new faces being introduced.

Final Verdict

The inaugural season of the series was adored by the viewers and eagerly anticipated by all. The first season of the sitcom centers around three discontented men who coincidentally meet and unleash a chain of chaotic events through their venting about their marital issues.

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